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Global Price Index

Observing historic price volatility across a variety of markets and understanding the impact of these fluctuations is essential to keeping up to date with market performance. Patterns in historic pricing can give you insights into better business decisions and help you make adjustments to potential future developments.

The Global Timber Price Index graphs give real-time, constantly updated information. Stay connected with this page to observe up to date price fluctuations. Volumes given in cubic meters.

CIF- Timber Exchange Price Index

UK Imported Timber Price Index

Finnish Sawnsoftwood Timber Avg Export Price per m3

Timber Price for Jordan and Iraq

Timber Prices (CIF Shanghai - USD/m3)

German Logs- Producer Price Index (2015=100)

China Price Index for Timber and Furniture (Preceding month=100)

German Price Index- Dwellings Construction Order Received (2015=100)

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