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Episode 5

Analysing the Container Ocean Freight Market & Dynamics

In this episode of our podcast, we bring on board Alan Murphy (CEO & Founder) and Bjorn Vang Jensen (Vice President, Advisory Services of Sea Intelligence Maritime Analysis in Denmark to discuss what the global ocean freight market looks like today and what we might expect from current trends.

Key discussion points:

  1. An introduction to Sea Intelligence and what it aims at achieving
  2. The reason behind the skyrocketing freight rates since the pandemic
  3. Analysing high global demand today
  4. Trends and shifts in the ocean freight market
  5. What shippers can leverage to negotiate with shipping lines
  6. How ocean freight alliances work
  7. Forecasting market rates and dynamics
  8. The role and value tools, and data in the shipping industry

You can get more information on the global supply chain by visiting https://www.timber.exchange/

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Alan Murphy

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Bjorn Vang Jensen