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Supply Chain

Advanced Supply Chain Tools

Manage orders, bookings and tenders from one central location

Over 90 smart tools in 5 languages built specifically for the unique needs of the timber industry cover all steps, from customer inquiry until delivery at destination. Allowing colleagues and counterparties to manage sales, logistics and legal obligations from a central workspace that automatically creates tasks, schedules and warnings.

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B2B Timber Marketplace

Buy and sell Timber directly with the leading and vetted companies around the world

Trade directly with established and verified sawmills and importers from around the world. Cut out middle-men and jump over language barriers. Control who can see your tenders and filter available supply/demand per your criteria.

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Market Data

Market Data Hub

Complete Market data on productions, inventory, logistics, prices and consumptions

Following global market performance has never been easier. Track production, inventory, loading and price data from key markets around the worlds.

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Trade Finance
Outsource Cargo inspections, document review and L/C Management

We offer services to assist your global exports in trade-finance and trade-compliance. Outsource cumbersome tasks and meet your deadlines when staff are on leave or expand ypur capacity instantly when your company is growing

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Shipping Document Compliance Review
Cargo Inspection
Letter of Credit Beneficiary


Of the platform for different users
  • Simplify access to new markets
  • Quicker way to calculate CFR price and send offers
  • Trade and Tender products and Tender and book freight in one place
  • Overview deal data and updates internally and with partners
  • Automated process to generate documents and share/collect deal data
  • Manage Colleagues and their activities
  • See and participate in more freight tenders
  • See how freights offers are being used by customers
  • Receive instructions and issue documents quicker with decreased risk of mistakes
  • Ability to inform shipment parties about changes
  • Monitor how clients shipments are performing
  • Analysis of business and supply-chain performance
  • Find approved and established producers
  • Improved collaboration with partners
  • Simplified process to import products
  • Ensure compliance of company responsibilities and procedures
  • Monitor shipments and supply-chain performance
  • Improved company management and analysis

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