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Digitizing Trade with Egypt and ACID

Hosted by the CEO of Timber Exchange, Amir Rashad

In this episode, we bring on board Vjeran Ortynski (Chief Business Development Officer, CargoX) in discussion with Amir Rashad (CEO, Timber Exchange), to speak about the New ACID (Advance Cargo Information Declaration) regulations in Egypt, the recent partnership between the two organizations, and what it means for the future of global trade.

Key Points of Discussion:

1. The cooperation between CargoX and Egypt and its inception
2. How does the ACID system work, and what should the shippers/exporters know
3. How is the ACID system beneficial?
4. What is the reality behind the common misconceptions people have about the ACID system?
5. How the partnership between CargoX and Timber Exchange creates value for companies in the forestry industry?
6. What are the upcoming improvements planned by CargoX in ACID filing?

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Vjeran Ortynski