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Episode 3 A Scandinavian Perspective on Asian Timber Markets, Logistics and Technology

In this episode, the discussion is focused on the challenges faced by the timber markets today and consumption dynamics across the timber markets in Asia. The interview with our guests throws light on the impact of increasing costs of timber and the effects this increase has had across the industry. In addition, the conversation aims to convey the best practices in the Asian timber markets and introduce timber production owners to new logistics technology.

Question covered:

  • What is unique, challenging and interesting about the Asian timber markets compared to other markets across the world?
  • How active are your companies in Asia and how do you balance sales?
  • What factors led to increasing timber prices over the last year?
  • How have different markets and sectors reacted to higher prices and how have consumption patterns changed|?
  • How has the logistics situation and container shortage affected your work?
  • Do you think global timber market dynamics have changed and are the changes here to stay?


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Håkan Persson, MD of SCA Timber

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Christer Bladh, VP sales of Södra