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Episode 4

MENA Timber Market Performance & Future

For the first time ever three leading companies from different parts of the MENA region sit down to discuss the similarities and differences between their markets, performance and future forecasts. Among many other topics, we discussed timber consumption levels, economic recovery, effect of higher prices, supply related challenges and how they are using technology to be globally competitive.


Discussion focus areas:

  • Introduction to the Saudi, Moroccan and Jordanian timber markets
  • Effect of pandemic on the timber market & changes as a result
  • Changing global market dynamics and role of the MENA market
  • Activity forecast over the next 6 to 12 months
  • Logistics and supply chain challenges over the past year and how they were overcome
  • Importance of affordable housing for young and growing populations
  • Examples of how technology is used to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage

Find market data on production, inventory, prices, news, trade volumes, container line performance at Timber Exchange's website.

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Engr. Ammar Quzeih, CEO of Al Rashed Group

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Guillaume Hotelin, Deputy CEO of Comarbois

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Yahia Saidi, GM of Al Essami