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Sawmilling in North Sweden and Exporting Globally

Hosted by the CEO of Timber Exchange, Amir Rashad

In this episode we bring on board Mr Erik Eliasson, Sales Director of Norra Timber, a highly reputed timber producer in Sweden, to discuss the global timber market and how Norra Timber functions in detail.

Key Points of Discussion:

1. How did Norra Timber grow so much in the past years and what is their vision?
2. What products does Norra Timber produce?
3. The difference in being a sawmill in North Sweden & how it affects the strategy in export sales
4. How are global timber markets performing today?
5. What will the forecast of global timber market in the new short-term?
6. What is the logistical situation today?
7. How can the utilization of new technology in production like X-Ray bring value to the supply chain?
8. How can technology contribute to export sales?

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Erik Eliasson