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Dynamics of the Indian Timber Market and the Future

Hosted by the CEO of Timber Exchange, Amir Rashad

In this episode of our podcast, we bring on board Mr Ayush Gupta (Director, Shreek AK Impex LLP) to discuss the current situation of the timber market in India, logistical aspects and what the future has in store for the Indian timber market, among other subjects.

Key Points of Discussion:

1. Intricate description the Indian timber market functions
2. How the Indian timber market is affected by the global timber markets
3. History of the Indian timber market
4. How the Indian timber market is performing currently
5. How the Indian timber market is expected to grow in the coming years
6. How the Indian timber market reacted to the significant price increases of the past year
7. The effects high container rates, delays, equipment availability, and other logistical situations had on the market

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Ayush Gupta