Advanced Supply Chain Tools

Simplify your global timber supply chain with 100+ smart tools

Timber Exchange aims to provide competitive and efficient solutions for the global timber trade. We have built over 100 smart tools to streamline processes and save time & money. Our platform is designed for sawmills, importers, and freight forwarders to increase productivity, improve accuracy, and reduce manual administration through real-time tracking & information management.

SCM View in Timber Exchange

Timber Exchange’s Shared Workspace

With the Timber Exchange's advanced supply chain tools, you can manage deals, negotiations and payments from one platform to ultimately make more profitable deals.
In the platform, you can connect to stakeholders from key global timber markets in a few clicks. By leveraging Timber Exchange, you can automate a majority of the manual tasks such as booking, sending offers, and tendering goods & freight.
The platform is integrated with 100+ smart tools that ensure you can assign responsibilities to each member of your team present on Timber Exchange and get notified every step of the way. This saves the hassle of constant follow-ups regarding deadlines and progress.
Timber Exchange is integrated with several International Chambers of Commerce and facilitates the use of electronic documents to ensure stakeholders can draft, issue, edit, upload, or get approvals seamlessly on one platform.
With API integration on the platform, Timber Exchange gives you the option to input your bulk vessel or B/L number and track, in real-time, all your shipments from one place.

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