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At Timber Exchange, we make it our purpose to provide the most cost-effective and time-efficient solutions to cover our client’s international trade needs. As part of this, our platform has incorporated over 100 smart tools (and counting) to facilitate and automate each process and task. This ultimately saves your time and money in several areas - amounting to almost 3 (three) hours each day. Our state-of-the-art platform is meant for sawmills, importers, and freight forwarding companies and supports even the most complex of both national and international distribution requirements and makes them hassle-free. The Timber Exchange custom platform has been designed keeping the stakeholders in mind to deliver increased productivity, real-time tracking and information, management tools, improved accuracy, and reduced manual administration.

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Timber Exchange’s Shared Workspace

As part of the 100+ smart tools of the Timber Exchange platform, stakeholders can manage deals, negotiate, and keep track of payments from one place. This centralization of features, along with our internal B2B Marketplace, ensures you gain possibilities to make more profitable deals and negotiate with better information at hand.
Through the smart tools of the Timber Exchange platform, a majority of the manual tasks such as booking, sending offers, and tendering goods & freight can be automated, ensuring that you don’t have to spend a lot of time sending or collecting information.
Through the Timber Exchange platform, the stakeholders can automatically update deadlines, send tasks, notifications, and warnings of any changes in the supply chain to ensure everything happens smoothly. The platform tracks discrepancies in the process and notifies the responsible party to take action.
Through the Timber Exchange platform, drafting, issuing, editing, uploading, and approving documents become easier because everything happens in a single platform under a specific user account. Timber Exchange is integrated with a number of international Chambers of Commerce and facilitates the use of electronic documents
Through the Timber Exchange platform, the stakeholders can access document instructions, documents, deadlines, business data and get shipment tracking and updates they have permission to from a central place without concerns about any misinformation.
Through the Timber Exchange platform, the stakeholders can get up-to-date news and reliable data about the timber industry from a single central source with constantly updated statistics and analytics about logistics, consumption, export/import, global price index, container performance, and US grading.
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