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Kurekss Ltd Stands For Sustainability and Quality in Latvia Timber Industry

Kurekss Ltd Stands For Sustainability and Quality in Latvia Timber Industry

Posted on July 8, 2024   |  

Kurekss Ltd., a strong brand in Europe and leader in Latvia, situated in the prime ice-free port of Ventspils, is one of the most productive sawmills in the world. Its mission is rooted in environmental sustainability, striving to minimise carbon footprints, maximise resources, and preserve biodiversity. 

Kurekss, the leading producer of construction timber, laths, terrace boards, structural finger joints, profiled & planed timber, and general-purpose sawn timber, continues to prove its adaptability and resilience in a competitive global timber market

The company maintains its strong position, including high log prices and balancing market resistance to necessary price adjustments. Recent economic developments necessitated a strategic shift, with Kurekss halting business with the low-margin Chinese market. As a result of this move, Kurekss can focus on alternative sales channels that value the superior quality and consistency of its products, assuring long-term success in the market.

Despite these trials, Kurekss has secured most of its contracts for the third quarter, with only minor price adjustments. Even though the company faces intense competition, this achievement shows that it is committed to excellence.

Starting in Q3 2024, Kurekss will improve the quality of its products with a strong commitment to excellence. As part of a major upgrade, the company is switching its entire sorting line to Microtec Goldeneye technology. The Microtec Golden Eye is a state-of-the-art scanning technology designed specifically for the wood processing industry. It is capable of measuring lumber and logs with precision and detecting defects. With this strategic move, the accuracy and reliability of Kurekss product grading will be enhanced, which will reduce the likelihood of customer claims. Since Kurekss products are exclusively machine-graded, they meet the highest quality standards. 

In this competitive environment, the company looks forward to a stable Q3. Starting in August, Kurekss will temporarily cease operations as it undergoes a significant upgrade to its production facilities. The pause in production is necessary to install a state-of-the-art sorting line. This cessation will last throughout August 2024 and may extend into early September. Once operations resume, Kurekss's production process will be more efficient and quality-controlled due to this strategic downtime.

Kurekss’s commitment is reflected in adherence to sustainable forestry policies, earning it the esteemed FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) CoC certificate CO06364. Moreover, the company aligns with the PEFC 2002:2020 standard (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) under the certification PEFC/12-31-002, further solidifying its role as a responsible industry leader.

Kurekss Ltd. keeps navigating the competitive landscape with the assurance that its foundation is built on sustainability, quality, and respect for nature.