Supercharge your
Timber Exports with
Market Data, Automation
& Outsourcing

Helping companies track global markets, improve prices, automate their supply-chain and outsource trade-finance & compliance on-demand

A single, trusted source for market transparency

Track on a monthly basis how the global timber supply chain is actually performing.
Track monthly production, inventories, exports, consumption and prices of timber in key markets globally. Metrics are available on a national, regional and global level.

Put a login button on your website and offer your clients digital customer-service

Put data, updates and documents at your clients' fingertips. Ensuring they are always kept up-to-date automatically. So you can focus on building your business. All available in a private environment, with your brand and hosted on your server.

Unfiltered access to market leaders

Hear first-hand from market leaders around the world what is happening in their market.

"One platform for both global and local markets, will help us to save time and resources to focus on helping our partners and customers..."

We see the importance of data and analysis, in order to drive our business, operations and growth. To have the possibility to access all the information from one platform for both global and local markets, will help us to save time and resources to focus on helping our partners and customers to build smarter, faster, and more sustainably with wood.

Eduard Reutner
Senior Vice President
Head of Sales, Wood Products Division, Stora Enso


"Timber Exchange have helped us with market channels around the world..."

Timber Exchange have helped us with market channels around the world and with their datahub, podcast, webinars we receive updated information regarding the market and the wood industry. The staff working at Timber Exchange is also excellent and I can warmly recommend Timber Exchange and their services.

Niklas Gustafsson
Sales Manager

Setra Group

"It's a great tool that provides a good overview of the global wood business..."

We are frequent user of Timber Exchange Data Intelligence. It's a great tool that provides a good overview of the global wood business, as well as detailed statistics on individual markets.

Olle Berg
Executive Vice President
Market/Sales & Business Development, Setra Group


"Out-of-the-box approach in analysing and condensing relevant global Sawnwood market information"

Timber Exchange presents a fresh, out-of-the-box approach in analysing and condensing relevant global Sawnwood market information. Additionally, webinars with focus to various markets outlook help you gain insight into latest market trends. I look forward to witnessing future development of this market intelligence service.

Jarkko Taskinen
Manager, Strategy Development


"I like the layout of graphs and the easy access to different topics."

It helps me analyse and benchmark our markets in Asia versus eg US , MENA and Europe. I like the layout of the graphs and the easy access to different topics.

Håkan Persson
Managing Director, SCA wood hong kong ltd

Newly Introduced

Support your strategic decisions with monthly Market Data

Complete Market data on productions, inventory, logistics, prices and consumptions

News on Global Timber Market

Forestry & Timber, Shipping & Transport, Business & Economy, Construction & Infrastructure & Politics.

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Why Timber Exchange?

Built for improving transparency, efficiency and accountability

Automate compliance, legal, logistics and coordination processes with your clients globally

Advanced Supply Chain Tools

Advanced Supply Chain Tools

Keep track of how your supply chain is performing across deals, share data with counterparties, track your freight, and reduce manual processes significantly

  • Manage Deals, Negotiations & Payments
  • Issue, Draft, Edit, Upload & Approve Documents
  • News, Reliability Data, Statistics & Analytics
  • Track Responsibilities, Smart Updates & Task Sharing
  • Track Goods & Couriers
Research Fact
Improve productivity
Smart compliance tools help your business save
per year

Private Marketplace for Timber Trade

Sell timber directly to your global clientele through a private digital marketplace designed to share demands, stocklists, or available production capacities.

Research Fact
Sawmills that used a private marketplace made
more per year
  • Tailored platform
  • Paperless Trading
  • Incoterms
  • One-to-many integration
  • Visibility Options
B2B Timber Marketplace
Market Data Hub

Market Data Hub

A quantitate layer to support your decision-making on how the global timber supply chain is performing on a monthly basis from production to consumption of timber.

Research Fact
The Market Data Hub helps sawmills achieve
net price
  • Production Data
  • Inventory Data
  • Trade-flow Data
  • Consumption Data
  • Price Data

Sawmills that implement Timber Exchange see upto

183X ROI
more per year

Get a private platform for your customers with your branding

Streamline Your Workflow

Using smart tools, smart documents, and permission-based data sharing, you can reduce manual error, double entry, and save both time and money.

Multi-integrated Platform

Trade integrations are expanded to include a larger network, forging connections across a more comprehensive ecosystem designed to meet industry needs

Track Shipments and Milestones

Add and track all your shipment, financial, and insurance documents in one place effortlessly. Collaborate in your native language, and get access to digital customer service.

Trade Finance

Let us manage your
trade-finance & trade-compliance

Document Review
Document Review

Let our dedicated professionals handle the complexities of international timber trade documentation, ensuring a thorough review to prevent any disruptions in your shipping timeline

Document Management
Document Management

Let us manage the entire document compliance and management process for you by collecting data, drafting shipping instructions & documents, submitting data to lines/authorities, receiving customer approval for documents & much more


Ease the complexity of international trade finance. Let our experienced trade finance compliance officer manage the entire L/C process on your behalf, ensuring efficiency at competitive rates

Timber Inspection Service
Timber Inspection Service

Let experienced professionals inspect and create a detailed audit report and photos within 48 hours of your timber inspection for dimensions, moisture and quality

Benefits of the platform for different users

Our mission is to digitize the global timber supply-chain, enhance cross-border collaboration and automate the most time-consuming process facing companies today.

  • Simplify access to new markets
  • Quicker way to calculate CFR price and send offers
  • Trade and Tender products and Tender and book freight in one place
  • Overview deal data and updates internally and with partners
  • Automated process to generate documents and share/collect deal data
  • Manage Colleagues and their activities
  • See and participate in more freight tenders
  • See how freights offers are being used by customers
  • Receive instructions and issue documents quicker with decreased risk of mistakes
  • Ability to inform shipment parties about changes
  • Monitor how clients shipments are performing
  • Analysis of business and supply-chain performance
  • Find approved and established producers
  • Improved collaboration with partners
  • Simplified process to import products
  • Ensure compliance of company responsibilities and procedures
  • Monitor shipments and supply-chain performance
  • Improved company management and analysis
Bank/Journalist/ Consultant
  • Access monthly-updated timber market data
  • Track 100+ market indicators
  • Get access to the latest timber market news
  • View live & recorded timber & technology webinars
  • Monitor timber industry performance across key market players


Learn more about how Timber Exchange works


Timber Exchange is a modern partner for companies producing, trading, importing or consuming softwood timber. We are aligned with your goals and want you to compete globally.

We actually want you to:

  • Now what is happening in the timber markets around the world
  • Diversify your supply-chain to work with new reliable partners
  • Automate repetitive and non-value-adding tasks
  • Have support staff available on-demand at your disposal to complete any compliance or finance related tasks in case of sickness, holiday or vacancy in your own team

By choosing Timber Exchange you compete better thanks to;

  1. Global market data:monthly data from top timber markets on production, inventory, shipment, price and consumption levels.
  2. B2B Marketplace: A smart module and single channel to send and receive offers in a structured and compliant way. Allowing you to reduce emails and control visibility. This can be used privately only with existing partners.
  3. Automation:Automate the majority of compliance, legal and coordination processes between your company, freight forwarder and client or supplier. 100+ tools available in 5 languages covers everything from contract drafting to customs declaration and shipment tracking. Customized for the unique needs of the timber industry allows benefits and deployment to be achieved in hours instead of months.
  4. Professional Services: Outsource document review, cargo inspection or L/C management to our in-house team.

The Timber Exchange platform is your personal smart assistant; therefore, we only charge a fixed rate, which ensures no hidden charges or commissions for using the platform.

You can track 20 couriers, 60 container lines and 18000 bulk vessels seamlessly in one dashboard.

No, sawmills or traders that subscribe to automation tools can invite their clients and freight forwarders free of charge.

However market data or professional services are add-ons, they are not included.

Inside the platform its very easy to invite colleagues or partners by sending an email invite. The invited party only needs to fill in their name and password. No additional cost is required.

If they are already registered you just need to search for them.

Market Data

We cover over 100+ market indicators across production, inventory, export, consumption and price of softwood sawn timber globally in key timber markets like Sweden, USA, China, Egypt, Japan & many more.

The data comes from a variety of sources including public, private and proprietary.

Absolutely no!

Our price data inside the market data is based on surveys with leading industry players.

Price and other confidential trade data is encrypted, our team is not able to access this.

Supply Chain Automation(Privacy)

Price and other confidential trade data is encrypted inside the platform, our team has no access to this. To ensure data protection, we are following the GDPR regulation.

B2B Marketplace

The B2B Marketplace is a single channel to send and receive offers in a highly organized and compliant way. You can control the visibility to manage who should receive this offer, such as: only 1 specific partner, 5 specific partners, all your partners.

According to the last count in early 2022, the combined annual volume of wood produced, transported and consumed by the companies registered in Timber Exchange exceeds 40 million cubic meters annually.

Inside of the B2B Marketplace, there is a submodule “High-Trust Network” reserved for the most reliable and established companies globally. The benefit of being part of the “High-Trust Network” allows your company to place public offers that are visible to other approved companies which have also passed rigorous review.

Entry to the “High-Trust Network” is reserved and cannot be purchased under any circumstances. Admission is subject to approval on a case by case basis by our membership committee consisting of life-long industry professionals from leading companies globally. To be admitted the following is required;

  1. Passport copy of company owner
  2. Company registration certificate
  3. Photos of premises
  4. Copy of Bill of Ladings or invoices proving long-term and significant market activity
  5. Interview or on-site visit

All provided documentation will be deleted immediately after a decision is taken.

Simply do not apply to join. But if your company is part of the “High-trust Network”, your account admin can control which users in your organisation will have access.

No, because Timber Exchange is a private solution to track markets, streamline tender processes and automate your supply-chain, it is not a public marketplace or directory.

If you are part of the “High-Trust Network” it's possible to create public offers to buy or sell timber visible to other companies with the same membership level, but you will not know who has been notified of your offer. You will only know who they are if they choose to reply to your offer.