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Why Opt for Timber Exchange's White Label Solution?

Experience the power of a personalised digital trade platform with Timber Exchange's White Label Solution. Tailored to your company's identity, accessible on your domain, and offering swift deployment, this solution is meant to transform your trade dynamics.
  • Flexible options allow you to choose host and data storage
  • Deploy in days not years, and see achieve benefits instantly
  • Put a login button on your website for your clients

Our Competitive Edge

One-to-many Integration
Get instant integration with major international shipping lines and extensive fleet of bulk vessels
Digital Customer Service
Send critical information at your customers fingertips, saving up to 56 hours per month on routine customer care communication
Tailored for Global Timber Trade
A customised platform designed to meet the specific needs of the global timber industry
Plug and Play Platform
Make the most of plug and play simplicity, where the software can be deployed and launched instantly
Proactive Automation Workspace
Shift from manual work to proactive and automated processes to streamline your workflow

One-to-many Integration

The platform's trade integrations are expanded to include a larger network, forging connections across a more comprehensive ecosystem designed to meet specific global timber industry needs
1 Customs Authority
10 Couriers
20 National Chambers of Commerce
60 Container Lines
18,000 Bulk Vessels
Soon: 50+ Banks & 17,000 Hauliers / Fleets

A Private Marketplace for Streamlined Business Operations

Transform your timber trade landscape with our plug-and-play platform, offering the opportunity to get your private digital marketplace where you can seamlessly connect with your existing global stakeholders, fostering a collaborative environment tailored to the unique needs and goals of your timber trade business
Access Important Information from Anywhere

Access all data, deadlines, and documents from anywhere anytime.

Optimise Your Workflow

Smart tools, smart document and permission-based data-sharing reduces manual errors, double entry, and saves time and money.

Make Your Workspace Adaptive

Upload and share shipping, financial and insurance documents, get access to digital customer service, visibility controls, and collaborate in your preferred language.

Track Shipments and Milestones

Add and track all your shipments in one place effortlessly. Let the updates come to you and be notified of all deviations.

Collaborate Across Time-Zones and Language with Ease

Collaboration between team members and global customers has never been easier.

Get Notifications and Updates

Receive notifications regarding delays in payment, compliance, shipments, amendments, and much more

Launch your private branded platform tomorrow

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