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Timber Exchange for Supply Chain Automation

Timber Exchange is a one-of-a-kind end-to-end supply-chain automation platform meant for global trade management that works towards streamlining operations in the global timber trade.

The development of this B2B digital supply-chain technology began in early 2017, and with strategic investment and significant effort, we’ve ensured that the functionality of the platform mirrors all the non-linear and complex processes that global companies face today while exceeding security and privacy expectations.

As an independent digital toolkit and platform at Timber Exchange, we automate the most time-consuming processes that companies face today. It includes – Documentation, Logistics, Compliance, Trade, Transparency, and Visibility amongst others. We feature a high-trust timber trade community and a constantly updated Market Data Hub where you can track data across several sections on a national, regional and global scale.

Our platform is already integrated with CargoX and Nafeza to ensure that you can easily automate and comply with Egypt’s new ACID regulations.

With a full-time team of 30 industry professionals, we have years of global experience in trade finance, business intelligence, technology, and forestry, our platform promises to make global trade more systemized than ever.

How does Timber Exchange Streamline Timber Trade?

Timber Exchange is an easy-to-use, safe platform that brings the entire supply chain into one place. It features tools specifically meant for the timber trade so that sawmills, importers, and forwarding agents can trade with key stakeholders across the world, thereby maintaining efficiency, transparency and accountability.

A Message from founder

Our mission is to digitize the global timber supply-chain, enhance cross-border collaboration and automate the most time-consuming process facing companies today.

Amir Rashad

Amir Rashad CEO, Timber Exchange

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