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Document Review

Let us validate/verify your paperwork

A thorough review of shipping documents is essential in international timber trade. The multitude of documents involved, often varying by region, poses a challenge to maintaining a comprehensive understanding of each document's importance. At Timber Exchange, we understand that even the slightest oversight can disrupt the entire shipping timeline, and our dedicated professionals, well-versed in the complexities of international trade documentation, bring their expertise to every review to prevent such setbacks.

Pricing is tailored to your needs:

TT (Telegraphic Transfer):

  • Bulk: €90/set
  • Container: €120/set

L/C (Letter of Credit):

  • Bulk: €150/set
  • Container: €190/set
Document Review
Document Management

Document Management

Let us handle the paperwork journey

Timber Exchange provides seamless document compliance and management services. Our comprehensive service covers every step of the process, including collecting data, drafting shipping instructions, drafting documents, submitting data to lines/authorities, receiving customer approval for documents & tracking deadlines. Our commitment is to ensure accuracy in every document and timely dispatch to the designated office, client, or bank. Timber Exchange manages the intricacies involved in document management and handles the complex processes for you.

Prices are designed with your convenience in mind:

TT (Telegraphic Transfer):

  • Bulk: €190/set
  • Container: €240/set

L/C (Letter of Credit):

  • Bulk: €280/set
  • Container: €340/set


Effortless trade finance management

International trade-finance with instruments such as Letters of Credit are burdensome and complex. The Timber Exchange TaaS will manage the L/C and documentation process fully for your company. This includes; recommending L/C terms, managing the L/C and managing the full documentation process.

Submit your interest today and a highly experienced trade finance compliance officer will be your point of contact and manage the full L/C process on your behalf at competitive rates.

Pricing is tailored to your needs:

0.5% - 1.3% (subject to volume)

Timber Inspection Service

Timber Inspection Service

Receive a detailed report within 48 hours

Efficiently assess your timber at the port or sawmill with our inspection service. Upon your request, our inspector will visit your chosen location, conducting a thorough assessment at a nominal fee. The inspection encompasses tolerance in thickness and width, and moisture levels, and provides commentary on defects. Random checks on bundles ensure scrutiny of quality, dimensions, and moisture. Within 48 hours, a comprehensive audit report, including site photos, will be delivered to you.

Pricing is tailored to your needs:

€1.5-3.5 per m3 (depending on location)

Why Choose Timber Exchange as your Trade Finance Partner?

Oversight Prevention

Qualified professionals review shipping documents thoroughly, preventing even the smallest oversight from disrupting the shipment process

International Trade Expertise

With extensive experience in international timber trading, each and every document is reviewed in depth

Streamlined Paperwork Process

Our seamless processes ensure a hassle-free paperwork journey every step of the way

Accuracy and Punctuality

We ensure that every document is accurate and delivered on time to the designated office, client, or bank

Effortless Finance Management

We offer a comprehensive solution for trade finance-as-a-service to simplify trade finance management

Full Documentation Support

From bank management to ensuring timely trade-finance remittances, we simplify the entire trade finance process

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