Core Features of Timber Exchange

Timber market tools & data for the global timber industry

The core features of the Timber Exchange platform include tools for Export/Import, Logistics, Documentation, Tracking, Compliance, Multilingual, Analytics, Security, and Integration. Through these automated supply chain management features, the stakeholders (exporters, importers, and freight forwarders) can systematically manage steps starting from customer inquiry to delivery at the destination with ease. They help bypass any language barriers while eliminating any middlemen from the equation, thereby making the process smoother. Take a look at all these core features in detail for more information.


The Timber Exchange Difference

We provide enterprise-grade smart, intuitive platform that combines best-in-class insights and cutting-edge technologies to deliver an unparalleled solution
  • Tracking & Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring

  • Compliance Handling

    Automated regulatory compliance

  • Multilingual Support

    Configured multilingual UI

  • Smart Analytics

    Data-driven insights

  • Secure Transactions

    Encrypted payment processing

  • Streamlined Management

    Centralized efficient workflow

Discover the Core Features of Timber Exchange

Experience Seamless Export/Import Process

Our smart digital tools provide a robust and transparent system that allows importers, exporters, and forwarders to collaborate effortlessly while ensuring full accountability.

  • An efficient export/import process
  • Real-time operational visibility
  • Unified platform for complete control
  • Complete audit trail & accountability

Hassle-Free Logistics Management

Enabled to automate freight booking and tender management. Allow freight offers to be applied directly to deals, which reduces the amount of time required to update or query forwarders.

  • Centralized management process
  • Direct application of freight offers to deals
  • Booking and tender management
  • Real-time visibility to key markets

Automated Documentation

Built to facilitate contract and shipping document generation smoothly - including automated drafting and generation of contracts, L/Cs, B/Ls, EUR1s, and packing lists.

  • Automated document generation
  • Accurate document preparation
  • Reduced expensive development flow
  • Easy integration to existing systems

User-Friendly Tracking System

Track all your shipments in one place - making it easier to manage and monitor your logistics operations.

  • Standardized tracking system
  • Automatic shipment status updates
  • Customizable alerts for specific events
  • Shipment progress tracking

Scalable Compliance Management System

Our platform provides automated compliance checks and exception management, ensuring counterparties know their obligations ahead of deadlines.

  • Automated compliance management
  • Exception management for timely compliance
  • Real-time visibility into compliance obligations
  • Customizable checks for specific requirements

Collaborate Effectively with our Multilingual Platform

Our multilingual platform aims to improve communication with global counterparties. With reduced language barriers - customers, suppliers, and forwarders can utilize the platform in their native languages.

  • Better business communication
  • More effective collaboration
  • Greater accessibility
  • Intuitive user interface

Analytics for Actionable Business Insights

Developed to gain valuable insights into your operations and make data-driven decisions to drive growth and maximize efficiency.

  • Real-time analysis of business and supply chain data
  • Performance visibility across market, customer, and shipment
  • Competence-driven data platform for informed decisions
  • Deviation notifications for expected performance

Secure Platform for Safer Business

Our Timber Exchange collaboration platform is built with a strong focus on ensuring the safety and security of your information.

  • Enhanced security for safer data placement
  • Cybersecurity protocols to minimise cyber threats
  • Regular platform security reassessment
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations

Next-Generation API-Integrated Platform

Designed to provide our users with trade and logistics-related features in one workspace to automate your operations and optimize your workflows with ease.

  • Smooth collaboration via API integration
  • Optimized supply chain operations
  • Flexibility to customise and adapt the platform
  • Better insights into your timber trade

Reap the benefits of a modern and digital timber trading platform with Timber Exchange

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