CargoX partnered with Timber Exchange to improve atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) filing for the forest industry

  • CargoX LTD. a global document transfer company and Timber Exchange aims to simplify and digitize global trade 
  • Timber Exchange plans to provide sawmills and timber exporters with flawless and automated experience
  • Timber Exchange has more than 90 smart tools to meet the entire trade and logistics lifecycle, from purchase inquiry to arrival at POD (proof of delivery). 
  • It also helps exporters to produce fully compliant shipping documents, check ACID items for imports into Egypt, submit shipping documents to Egyptian Customs Authorities, track all milestones, generate deadlines and reminds users about unmet deadlines delivery
  • Importers from Egypt can cooperate and manage their supply chain activities in their native Arabic  language as well 

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