Cargo inspection

Timber Cargo Inspection

During timber trade with global counterparties, finding out if the quality of the shipment is up to the mark or not becomes a task. The Timber Exchange team of experts is there to solve this predicament for you. After we receive your request, our inspector will visit the location of your choice and assess the shipment on your behalf at a nominal fee. The inspection includes tolerance in thickness and width to moisture and commentary on defects. We will check the bundles randomly for quality, dimension, and moisture. Within 48 hours of inspection, a thorough audit report will be sent to you that would include a comprehensive set of photos from the site as well.

Letter of Credit Beneficiary

Understanding the steps involved in a Letter of Credit, especially since it differs in each country, is challenging and time-taking, to say the least. The Timber Exchange trade-finance division will manage the L/C and documentation process fully for your company. This includes; negotiating L/C terms, managing the L/C, to remittance of funds. All you need to do after getting in touch with us is nominate us an as exporter on all documents and keep us an L/C beneficiary and you will not have to worry. A highly trained and experienced trade finance & compliance officer will be your point of contact and manage the full L/C process on your behalf at competitive rates.

Cargo inspection

Cargo inspection

Shipping Document Compliance Review

The number of shipping documents that are usually used within the trade process is difficult to keep track of and this includes region-specific documents as well. Each document is extremely important for the process and failing to comply might hamper your entire shipping timeline. At Timber Exchange, we have dedicated professionals who are skilled at checking shipping documents for compliance. As you select the volume to be shipped, our professionals will make a report with commentary per document of discrepancies at a basic fee per document set.


Visiting the embassy or a consulate for getting your documents legalized can take up a lot of time and manual labour due to its process and complexities. While you employ the services from Timber Exchange, our document legalization experts would visit the embassy on your behalf and get the legalization done without any hassle, at a competitive rate. We specialize in the legalization of Certificates of Origin and shipping invoices.

Cargo inspection

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