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"Demand and Supply" is the open marketplace where importers can upload demand and sawmills can upload stocklists or free capacity in production plans. The module has incorporated various advanced options to be flexible and meet all different needs and requirements to function in a manner that is true to reality.

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Timber Exchange is a digital workspace that helps exporters, freight forwarders, and importers trade seamlessly. Connect with our vetted high-trust community of industry leaders and explore new trade opportunities - all in one platform.

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This B2B timber marketplace offers a secure, reliable, and transparent platform for global timber buyers & sellers. With negotiable prices, volumes, payment terms and delivery times, this advanced platform connects key market players under one roof, removing any middlemen from the equation.


Our Advanced Features
Advanced Features


Transparent and effective trade practices with standardized incoterms

Advanced Features

Flexible Payment Terms

Negotiate and agree upon terms that suit your financial preferences

Advanced Features

Offer Type

Choose the most suitable method for your trade requirements

Advanced Features

Goods Details

Detailed timber information, specifications, quantities, and grades

Advanced Features

Pictures of Goods

Get a clear depiction of timber products and make an informed purchasing decision

Advanced Features

Visibility Options

Share information with specific buyers or limit access to offers based on requirements

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