Supercharge Your Timber Exports with
Market Data, Automation & Outsourcing

Timber Exchange is a modern digital trade partner that provides 150+ global supply chain tools. You can make the most of these tools through a customised platform, built keeping your company and business requirements in mind. Track global markets, eliminate paper-based processes, get a plug-and-play private B2B marketplace for you and your counterparties and provide digital customer service to them. Also, get assistance with shipping document review and management like B/L, packing list, COO, and other trade finance and compliance related work, along with specialised timber inspection services.
Timber Supply Chain Ecosystem

Book Freight

Connect with reliable freight forwarders for reliable logistics solutions

Timber Supply Chain Ecosystem

Tender Timber

Complete B2B tendering solution for streamlined global timber trade

Timber Supply Chain Ecosystem

Track Cargo

Stay ahead of logistical deadlines with real-time multiple cargo tracking

Timber Supply Chain Ecosystem

Track Milestones

Monitor and manage supply chain milestones for efficient trade processes

Timber Supply Chain Ecosystem

Electronic Documents

Avoid unnecessary fines, get easy access to digital trade documents

Timber Supply Chain Ecosystem


Keep track of deal activities & maintain the supply chain performance

Timber Supply Chain Ecosystem

Market Data

Access comprehensive data across key markets for informed decision-making

Timber Supply Chain Ecosystem


Engaging sessions on global timber industry trends with renowned market leaders

Automate Your Business with Our Platform

As a modern and digital partner for global trade, we aim to automate supply-chain management.
The unified platform helps:
  • Industrial players with high-volume cargo flows
  • Track global markets with data on 150+ indicators
  • Automate repetitive and time-consuming processes
  • Automate customer service-related tasks
  • Improve B2B digital customer service for your customers
  • Simplify tender management and diversify market risk
  • Outsource trade compliance and finance

The Benefits of Our Platform

150 +

market indicators

25 +

top markets

100 %


100 +

advanced tools

Stay ahead of the competition - track markets, offer digital customer service, and automate your supply chain

The whole timber business ECOSYSTEM in one platform

Sawmill / Trader
Sawmill / Trader
Bid on supply offers from key global markets' counterparties
Get the timber that best suits your requirements from top exporters worldwide
Access the only high-trust timber network and zero-commission marketplace
Bank / Consultant / Journalist
Keep track of the global timber market performance across global, national, and regional levels

Maintain a Competitive Edge with Timber Exchange


Market Data Hub

Access comprehensive data on timber production, inventory, logistics, prices, and consumption for informed decision-making


White Label Solution

A quickly deployable private-branded platform for you and your customers, customisable to your needs. Simplify your trade in days, not years

Plug & Play Platform

Trade Compliance & Trade Finance

Navigate trade compliance and finance seamlessly. Get shipping document compliance assistance, trade finance support, document management, and timber inspection services


We are Integrated with


Chambers of Commerce

Get approval of your Certificate of Origin and be compliant with the terms


Cargo Tracking

Track multiple cargoes in real-time with just the B/L number or vessel name



Comply with the updated rules of the Egypt Customs ACID procedure


Carrier Tracking

Get ahead of your shipping deadlines by tracking global carrier line performances

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