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Top Ways Digital Smart Contracts

Top Ways Digital Smart Contracts Can Take Global Trade to the Next Level

Per shipment, there are distinct shipping, legal, and trade-related documents involved. Crucial information like tracking numbers, requested amendments, and drafts can easily get lost in transit. Hence, integrating a smart supply chain tool like Timber Exchange can minimize manual checks and ensure that everything goes smoothly without any hiccups on the way.

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European Timber Industry

The European Timber Industry Begins Its Digital Transformation

The end of the year 2020 saw an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed by the member states of the CEO-Bois, European Confederation of Woodworking Industries, about an initiative that digitizes the European timber industry. “TIMBIM”, the name given to this initiative, supports the constant collaboration and knowledge-sharing of the timber market between the participating member states.

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Analytics in the Supply Chain

Recommendations for Creating Value with BI/Analytics in the Supply Chain

If you are a supply chain professional, you probably already know this: Building analytics solutions that produce actual value is usually a very complex endeavour which requires a lot of thought, time and effort. The main reason is that the data you need to consolidate to get value is typically very fragmented and lives in multiple data sources, both internally, externally (at suppliers/customers) and in between (e.g. forwarders, agents, etc.). Some data might not even be possible to access.

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Smart Tools and Automation

How to Maintain Business Continuity and Coordination During Crisis through Smart Tools, Automation and Integration

Because of the coronavirus, we now face the biggest challenge in living memory to continue a business and coordinate it. This is a challenge for any organisation, but it may be particularly challenging for industries with global supply chains and a large network of partners. So when everybody across the supply chain works remotely - how can you coordinate it?

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Digitisation of the Forestry Industry

The Case for Digitisation of the Forestry Industry

My father started his company in the forestry industry exactly forty-five years ago. Back then, typewriters, mail, calculators, and telex (which was later replaced by fax) were the main tools required to conduct business. Due to language barriers and geographic distance, trading houses were engaged to act as an outsourced export department, whose main task was to manage orders, oversee the supply chain, open markets, provide financial security, ensure compliance and organise logistics.

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Digital Data Sharing & Decreasing Risk

The Case for Industrial Digital Data Sharing and How to Decrease Risk by Linking Transparency, Compliance and Accountability

Companies are only as proactive, effective and organised as their employees & the tools available to them. Having worked in the industry for almost a decade and having worked with many companies globally of all sizes, including the biggest, I noticed that all share the exact same problems and suboptimal processes. The largest being that the existing software doesn’t integrate producers into their industrial buyers, automate processes or cover the final steps of the supply chain - which is why we built Timber Exchange.

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