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Optimise Emissions, Schedules and Delays

Optimise Emissions, Schedules and Delays for Your Container Freight

Global supply chains are a complex network of trade flows where maritime transport takes up more than 90% of the volume of global trade, the backbone of the global economy. The structure of this trade flow network also impacts the region’s ecosystem to a large extent. Shipping companies amended their schedules anticipating reduced demand and closure of international borders during the pandemic in 2020. As a result, today, port congestion has become a growing concern for several parts of the world.

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Blank Sailing Improve Cash Flows

How Can Reducing Blank Sailing Improve Cash Flows?

Blank or void sailing is a term used for when a carrier or shipping line skips a particular port or the entire scheduled sailing route altogether. Carriers across the world announce blank sailings time and again. Since COVID, however, the number of announcements for blank sailing has increased by manifolds. This has put a halt on many vessels and containers across the world, thereby delaying shipments and locking in money flows.

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