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DHL Resilience360’s Former CEO Tobias Larsson Joins

DHL Resilience360’s Former CEO Tobias Larsson Joins Timber Exchange Board of Directors

Tobias Larsson is the newest addition to the Timber Exchange Board of Directors. The Board of Directors at Timber Exchange are a team of senior industry professionals sitting at the helm with several years of experience and expertise in industries including forestry, technology, & logistics.

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Timber Market Risks

How Importers Can Diversify Timber Market Risks and Increase Stability

A few timber buyers and distributors are globally active with truly global agile supply chains. Most at best are competitive and established in one or two markets. Due to this reliance, movements or changes in exchange rates, natural disasters, legal frameworks, port strikes or forest fires might come in the way of fulfilling the transaction.

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Consumers Demand Traceability of Wood Products

Consumers Demand Traceability of Wood Products - How to do it the Right Way

Consumers buy wood products in DIY stores and furniture. Being able to trace the wood’s origin is becoming of increasing importance for consumers. Previously this was difficult or near impossible on an item-by-item basis, but technology is enabling this, allowing consumers to track the journey of a piece of wood throughout the global supply chain.

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Compliance Issues in Timber Trade

How to Deal with Compliance Issues in Timber Trade

When it comes to compliance issues, global trade functions in a complex and tricky landscape. This involves dealing with complicated and layered international transport and trade compliance frameworks that involve several counterparties spread across multiple countries. Needless to say, several government agencies govern the distinct layers in detail. Failing to comply with even a single aspect or violating them might jeopardize the entire trade process, thereby incurring high risks and costs.

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White Label Solution

How is a White Label Solution Beneficial for Your Business

The world as we once knew it, has changed, especially post the Novel Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in 2021. With competition rising across sectors, it has become crucial to stand out from the crowd, no matter what. A considerable time is typically spent by developers to come up with online tools, testing, beta-testing, and marketing the same.

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Egypt Advance Cargo Information Declaration

New Egypt Advance Cargo Information Declaration Effective from October 1, 2021

The Egyptian Ministry of Finance (Customs Authority) activated article 39 of customs law 207 of 2020 and issued decree 38 of 2021. This requires a unique customs registration number (Advanced Cargo Information Declaration (ACI) for each incoming shipment imported into Egypt that must be included on all shipping documents.

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Timber & Tech Conference 2021

What to Expect at the Timber & Technology Conference 2021

As with most global supply chains, the timber industry is in a perennial search for end-to-end visibility - an arduous objective considering the market fragmentation and the data silos that remain unused across the value chain. With stakeholders drawing wafer-thin profit margins from timber operations, visibility into the value chain becomes crucial, as this could help them with demand forecasting and optimizing sourcing patterns.

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Smart Tools and Automation

How to Maintain Business Continuity and Coordination During Crisis through Smart Tools, Automation and Integration

Because of the coronavirus, we now face the biggest challenge in living memory to continue a business and coordinate it. This is a challenge for any organisation, but it may be particularly challenging for industries with global supply chains and a large network of partners. So when everybody across the supply chain works remotely - how can you coordinate it?

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