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Compliance Issues in Timber Trade

How to Deal with Compliance Issues in Timber Trade

When it comes to compliance issues, global trade functions in a complex and tricky landscape. This involves dealing with complicated and layered international transport and trade compliance frameworks that involve several counterparties spread across multiple countries. Needless to say, several government agencies govern the distinct layers in detail. Failing to comply with even a single aspect or violating them might jeopardize the entire trade process, thereby incurring high risks and costs.

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Egypt’s New L/C Import Regulation

What You Need to Know About Egypt’s New L/C Import Regulation

On 12th February 2022, the Central Bank of Egypt announced a new rule for Egyptian importers stating that they would need Letters of Credit to buy goods from March onwards and that they should stop dealing with collection documents during import operations, especially within the framework of the Cabinet’s directives regarding the activation of the ACI system and the governance of the import processes.

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Timber Exchange's 2021 in Review

Timber Exchange's 2021 in Review: A Year Full of Achievements

Centersource Technologies was registered on 2018-10-04 as a supply chain automation platform by industry professionals to automate time-consuming processes and make global trade smoother. In line with our vision, 2021 saw a lot of developments and achievements from our end. Let’s take a brief look at all our pivotal breakthroughs this financial year!

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construction wood or lumber

A Detailed Insight into the Most Popular Types of Construction Wood

Wood, in general, has been an extremely vital part of our civilization, starting from the early Paleolithic times. It is used for making tools, furniture, weapons, and constructing buildings as well. Now, the usage of wood has always been dependent on three major factors – availability, quality, and cost. As a hard-fibrous material that is seen as the branches of trees and shrubs, construction wood has various structural and non-structural applications.

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