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US Market Affect European Lumber Prices

How Does the US Market Affect European Lumber Prices

US home building has grown, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, at a balanced pace, and the lumber producers have slowly risen to reach the demand received from the constructors. However, the gap in the supply chain exposed during peak pandemic time is on the verge to become an issue for the longer term that keeps pressure on the US lumber prices. The lumber shipments from Canada to the United States (an extremely vital chunk of the supply to the US) were hit by around 20% in 2020 April.

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Swedish Wood Market

Elevating Trend in Swedish Wood Market

Today’s wood marketplace is investing in digital technology across organizations. However, most of the timber companies are focusing on digital efforts to improve their quality management and IT operations, as well as to enhance the execution of supply chain and production. Recently, Swedish wood companies are using a range of technologies for optimizing their supply chain, where the cloud is the most widely adopted one.

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