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China Property & Mortgage Crisis

China Property & Mortgage Crisis - An Investigative Piece on the Implications of the Boycott

The property sector of China makes up around a third of its total economic output ($18 trillion GDP). It includes brokering & rental services along with houses, industries that produce white goods for the apartments, and construction materials. Yet, it is critical to note that the Chinese economy has been declining for the past few years.

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Global Timber Trade

The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War on Global Timber Trade

The war between Russia and Ukraine is likely to impact global trade, especially the timber market, to a large extent in the coming months. The increased number of sanctions against Russian trading and the challenging financial transactions will possibly re-direct and interrupt forest products’ shipments globally. Trade with Russia, as a result, will likely decline, jeopardizing the long-established international trade flows of forest products to and from the region.

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Lumber Price Forecast

What Does the Lumber Price Forecast Have in Store for Q4-2021?

Lumber prices, over the past few months and 2020, have been in turmoil. While it might show an all-time high at one point, the next quarter can see the European and US lumber price dropping down like anything. Mid-July 2021 saw the price of the finished SYP (Southern Yellow Pine) lumber tumbling over 65% from the record high ($1,600 per 1,000 board feet) that it had reached simply 9 weeks ago (in May).

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Retail Homebuyers

Retail Homebuyers Getting Outbid by Big Companies

About one in five homes sold in 2020 were purchased by investors in the USA, a trend that is being observed even outside the USA (such as Australia), where retail buyers are continuously finding it hard to compete with investors who don't need home inspections, appraisal contingencies, or a mortgage. Such corporations might be institutional investment organisations, public trading firms, pension funds, etc.

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Swedish Wood Market

Elevating Trend in Swedish Wood Market

Today’s wood marketplace is investing in digital technology across organizations. However, most of the timber companies are focusing on digital efforts to improve their quality management and IT operations, as well as to enhance the execution of supply chain and production. Recently, Swedish wood companies are using a range of technologies for optimizing their supply chain, where the cloud is the most widely adopted one.

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