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The Significance of Market Data Transparency

Unveiling the Secrets of the Wooden Pallet Industry: The Significance of Market Data Transparency

Over the past decades, the packaging industry has witnessed remarkable changes driven by factors such as globalization, the booming e-commerce industry, and a heightened focus on sustainability. In this article, we will explore the trends, challenges, and opportunities within the wooden pallet industry.

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Diversify Risks in the Global Timber Market

The Exporter's Take on How to Diversify Risks in the Global Timber Market

It is common knowledge that many sawmills sell globally. Export sales to distant markets often use middlemen who act as a filter for information on how the market is performing. This means that exporters often have incomplete knowledge of the market, and that can put them at a disadvantage. To understand the risks associated with the industry & mitigate them to the best effect, one must first understand the situation.

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Webinar with Keta Kosman

North America Lumber Market Webinar with Keta Kosman: Key Takeaways

The North American lumber market has been the starting point for several conversations in the industry over the years. Mr Amir Rashad, the CEO of Timber Exchange, took it upon himself to bring this subject up for discussion on a global platform. To do so, he had a panel discussion with one of the finest analysts of the lumber market, Keta Kosman, the owner of Madison’s Lumber Reporter on a special webinar hosted on 30th March 2022.

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Timber Exchange's 2021 in Review

Timber Exchange's 2021 in Review: A Year Full of Achievements

Centersource Technologies was registered on 2018-10-04 as a supply chain automation platform by industry professionals to automate time-consuming processes and make global trade smoother. In line with our vision, 2021 saw a lot of developments and achievements from our end. Let’s take a brief look at all our pivotal breakthroughs this financial year!

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