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Consumers Demand Traceability of Wood Products

Consumers Demand Traceability of Wood Products - How to do it the Right Way

Consumers buy wood products in DIY stores and furniture. Being able to trace the wood’s origin is becoming of increasing importance for consumers. Previously this was difficult or near impossible on an item-by-item basis, but technology is enabling this, allowing consumers to track the journey of a piece of wood throughout the global supply chain.

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Increase EBITDA & Reduce Market Volatility

How to Leverage High-Trust Trade Networks to Increase EBITDA & Reduce Market Volatility

Today, only a handful of timber distributors and buyers are globally active with agile supply chains. This is because most of them are established in just one or two markets. Some buyers are often seen sending incomplete inquiries to the distributors due to their lack of appropriate information about the procedure of moving forward with a tender and the market situation. This results in several missed opportunities for both counterparties in the long run.

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Digital B2B Customer Service

Digital B2B Customer Service is a Reality, Even in the Forestry Industry

Today B2B customer service is highly manual and reactive in forestry and even supply chain in general. Today, companies work in isolated systems and staff spend a majority of their time collecting and sharing updates, thereby wasting many man-hours. Sales and account managers spend up to 50% of their time on follow-ups regarding quotations, tenders, coordination, data and updates which their clients should otherwise have easy access to.

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Control Tower Technology

Control Tower Technology to Achieve Operational Excellence & Proactive Customer Service

A supply chain control tower can be defined as a personalised yet connected hub of key business metrics, data, and several important events across the supply chain. These are meant to enable organisations to understand, prioritise, and resolve complex issues easily.

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Russian Sawmills in 2022

Top 3 Factors that Influence Investment in Russian Sawmills in 2022

The Russian forestry sector can be divided into two distinct fragments – one, the large export-oriented companies and two, smaller companies that rely on the domestic market. The industry, however, is going through a serious pressure period that has ultimately amounted to the high prices of the delivered logs, along with the requirement to invest in new equipment and infrastructure to maintain competitiveness.

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Biggest Advantages of Using KVH Timber

What Are the Biggest Advantages of Using KVH Timber?

Whenever you’re thinking about building a house, the best material you can lay your hands on is timber. As a cost-efficient material, timber has several characteristics that make it ideal for outdoor projects and structures. It provides long-lasting performance and an extremely natural appearance, based on the type and grade of timber you’ve chosen. One of the most sought-after timber types is the KVH timber. Why? Let’s find out!

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construction wood or lumber

A Detailed Insight into the Most Popular Types of Construction Wood

Wood, in general, has been an extremely vital part of our civilization, starting from the early Paleolithic times. It is used for making tools, furniture, weapons, and constructing buildings as well. Now, the usage of wood has always been dependent on three major factors – availability, quality, and cost. As a hard-fibrous material that is seen as the branches of trees and shrubs, construction wood has various structural and non-structural applications.

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Top Factors that Affect Timber Prices

Top 5 Factors that Affect International Timber Prices

Irrespective of the location you’re based, the cost of wood acts as the single largest variable of price when it comes to wood-consuming manufacturing projects. In this regard, you need to have a fair understanding of the timber wood price or stumpage in a supply region. The stumpage price is the amount paid to the landowner to gain the right to harvest the trees from the timberland of the owner that can drastically vary across local wood basins.

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