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China Property & Mortgage Crisis

China Property & Mortgage Crisis - An Investigative Piece on the Implications of the Boycott

The property sector of China makes up around a third of its total economic output ($18 trillion GDP). It includes brokering & rental services along with houses, industries that produce white goods for the apartments, and construction materials. Yet, it is critical to note that the Chinese economy has been declining for the past few years.

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construction wood or lumber

A Detailed Insight into the Most Popular Types of Construction Wood

Wood, in general, has been an extremely vital part of our civilization, starting from the early Paleolithic times. It is used for making tools, furniture, weapons, and constructing buildings as well. Now, the usage of wood has always been dependent on three major factors – availability, quality, and cost. As a hard-fibrous material that is seen as the branches of trees and shrubs, construction wood has various structural and non-structural applications.

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