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Timber Market Risks

How Importers Can Diversify Timber Market Risks and Increase Stability

A few timber buyers and distributors are globally active with truly global agile supply chains. Most at best are competitive and established in one or two markets. Due to this reliance, movements or changes in exchange rates, natural disasters, legal frameworks, port strikes or forest fires might come in the way of fulfilling the transaction.

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Webinar with Keta Kosman

North America Lumber Market Webinar with Keta Kosman: Key Takeaways

The North American lumber market has been the starting point for several conversations in the industry over the years. Mr Amir Rashad, the CEO of Timber Exchange, took it upon himself to bring this subject up for discussion on a global platform. To do so, he had a panel discussion with one of the finest analysts of the lumber market, Keta Kosman, the owner of Madison’s Lumber Reporter on a special webinar hosted on 30th March 2022.

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