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DHL Resilience360’s Former CEO Tobias Larsson Joins

DHL Resilience360’s Former CEO Tobias Larsson Joins Timber Exchange Board of Directors

Tobias Larsson is the newest addition to the Timber Exchange Board of Directors. The Board of Directors at Timber Exchange are a team of senior industry professionals sitting at the helm with several years of experience and expertise in industries including forestry, technology, & logistics.

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High Trust Community for Timber Industry

High Trust Community for Timber Industry Democratises Access to Cutting-Edge Tools and Data To SMEs

Timber Exchange is a smart supply chain automation platform for the high-trust trade community of the global forestry industry. It aims to automate the most time-consuming processes like documentation, compliance, transparency, visibility, trade, & logistics, through four core pillars:

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Modern Trade Finance & Compliance Services

How Can Modern Trade Finance & Compliance Services Increase Flexibility in Global Trade

Timber Exchange offers three vital offline tools in the form of cargo inspection, L/C management & remittance, and shipping document compliance & legalization to help remove bottlenecks and increase flexibility on-demand in global trade. Each of these services are provided by highly trained, trusted, and experienced experts in the field to ensure a smooth and flawless process, even at an international level.

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Timber Exchange's 2021 in Review

Timber Exchange's 2021 in Review: A Year Full of Achievements

Centersource Technologies was registered on 2018-10-04 as a supply chain automation platform by industry professionals to automate time-consuming processes and make global trade smoother. In line with our vision, 2021 saw a lot of developments and achievements from our end. Let’s take a brief look at all our pivotal breakthroughs this financial year!

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