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Increase EBITDA & Reduce Market Volatility

How to Leverage High-Trust Trade Networks to Increase EBITDA & Reduce Market Volatility

Today, only a handful of timber distributors and buyers are globally active with agile supply chains. This is because most of them are established in just one or two markets. Some buyers are often seen sending incomplete inquiries to the distributors due to their lack of appropriate information about the procedure of moving forward with a tender and the market situation. This results in several missed opportunities for both counterparties in the long run.

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Optimise Emissions, Schedules and Delays

Optimise Emissions, Schedules and Delays for Your Container Freight

Global supply chains are a complex network of trade flows where maritime transport takes up more than 90% of the volume of global trade, the backbone of the global economy. The structure of this trade flow network also impacts the region’s ecosystem to a large extent. Shipping companies amended their schedules anticipating reduced demand and closure of international borders during the pandemic in 2020. As a result, today, port congestion has become a growing concern for several parts of the world.

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Modern Trade Finance & Compliance Services

How Can Modern Trade Finance & Compliance Services Increase Flexibility in Global Trade

Timber Exchange offers three vital offline tools in the form of cargo inspection, L/C management & remittance, and shipping document compliance & legalization to help remove bottlenecks and increase flexibility on-demand in global trade. Each of these services are provided by highly trained, trusted, and experienced experts in the field to ensure a smooth and flawless process, even at an international level.

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Electronic Documents - Egypt

Most Recent Updates to ACID and Other Electronic Documents - Egypt

Digital trade has become a crucial aspect of the entire industry, rather than being just an abstract idea, thereby changing the picture of global trade, depending severely on the free cross-border movement of data. Keeping that in mind, most offline or physical documentation or transactions are being shifted to a digital or electronic version. These digital documents are to be treated like their physical counterparts in the future.

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ERP & Supply Chain

How a One-to-Many Integration is a Game-Changer for Your ERP & Supply Chain

The best way to work in a digital supply chain depends on how each stakeholder maximizes their resources by connecting, reusing, replicating, and interoperating them across their supply chain. Enterprise systems consist of on-site legacy applications, self-hosted applications inside a private virtual cloud, and vendor-hosted applications under a SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) agreement.

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