Coordination during Crisis through Smart Tools
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How to Maintain Business Continuity and Coordination During Crisis through Smart Tools, Automation and Integration

March 20, 2020

Because of coronavirus, we now face the biggest challenge in living memory to both continue business and coordinate it. This is a challenge for any organisation, but it may be particularly challenging for industries with global supply-chains and large network of partners. So when everybody across the supply-chains works remotely - how can you coordinate it?

This is actually exactly why we built Timber Exchange, out of frustration due to lack of overview of the supply-chain, lack of efficiency of emails and lack of automated processes.

It was built to offer virtual supply-chain collaboration and automation for large organisations and their network so all could keep up to date from office, home, during travel and remove risk should anybody quit or become ill.

During these times it is especially important to oversee progress, obligations, deviations, find most affordable freight and start new business. For this purpose and in this traditional industry, one of the possible risks also includes documentation which is one of the main instruments to both recieve payments and cargo.

As the industry is based on international trade it requires that multiple institutions and authorities function on both the exporting and importing sides. As the COVID 19 situation is very fluid it is a realistic possibility that business can go from slow to catastrophic - should Chambers of Commerce, Post, Courier, Boards of Agriculture, Banks stop to operate physically or face heavy delays.

Scenario 1 :

Chambers of commerce or Banks stop accepting physical visits to stamp and handover physical documentation.

Scenario 2 :

Domestic Post or Courier are non-operational on some routes, face heavy delays or lose the documentation meanwhile cargo is near ETA or counting at port storage and demurrage in POD.

Electronic documentation, integration and automation reduces these risks significantly whilst improving performance, visibility, transparency, compliance and efficiency.

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