DHL Resilience360’s Former CEO Tobias Larsson Joins

DHL Resilience360’s Former CEO Tobias Larsson Joins Timber Exchange Board of Directors

By Sharanya, December 5,2022

Tobias Larsson is the newest addition to the Timber Exchange Board of Directors. The Board of Directors at Timber Exchange are a team of senior industry professionals sitting at the helm with several years of experience and expertise in industries including forestry, technology, & logistics.

With over two decades of experience in logistics, Mr Larsson held various positions at DHL and was the previous CEO & Founder of DHL Resilience 360 (now Everstream Analytics). He has also been the Head of Supply Chain Solutions of Altana AI, a trusted network platform dedicated to enabling Globalization 2.0, and is currently a member of their advisory board.

Mr Larsson brings a wealth of experience in operational logistics and supply chain and brings a holistic perspective on entrepreneurship and global trade. He is also an expert advisor at the World Economic Forum.

The Timber Exchange Board of Directors warmly welcomes Mr Tobias Larsson to join them in their efforts to automate & digitize global trade of the timber industry. Mr Larsson’s expertise and experience in the field of operational logistics will be a crucial strategic addition to Timber Exchange and its goal.