Christmas is the season to sit back, relax, and make happy memories as you sip on eggnog and sing carols with friends and family. But can you do that with the weight of your business supply chain malfunctioning on your shoulders? No, right? Well, we are here to help you get rid of that tension!


Timber Exchange is a one-of-a-kind platform dealing with end-to-end supply-chain automation for timber distributors, freight forwarders, and exporters globally. Timber Exchange is a cloud-based supply chain management system created to automate export, import and logistics processes with 100+ smart tools covering all steps from inquiry until cargo arrives at POD, saving significant time and resources for the business. It is meant to combine the three most important areas: supply chain management tools, B2B marketplace and market data hub.


Aiming to automate time-consuming processes such as documentation, logistics, visibility, trade, transparency, and compliance through an independent digital toolkit and platform, Timber Exchange closely monitors everything to ensure it goes according to plan. This ultimately makes sure that there are no deviations in the supply chain process especially taking place due to the COVID-19 pandemic and also the holidays.


As you navigate your way through the intricate process of your timber supply chain, starting from the inquiry of goods to the delivery of the same, you can enjoy a no physical documentation scenario. Everything can be uploaded online through softcopies that can be accessed by the stakeholders authorized to do so in a central place. This ensures that the whole process is transparent and nothing is amiss. 


As you allow the Timber Exchange platform to take over, you save the time taken to tender ocean freight, calculate CFR, send or negotiate offers for goods, share or organize deal schedules, draft documents, summarize performance, and read news which amounts to almost sixty hours a month, making it one of the most productive platforms to work with.


Time Saved


The platform also allows you to take a look at who approved, requested, or missed out on which documentation and when keeping everyone accountable for the same in the loop. As far as accountability is concerned, the stakeholders are automatically sent notifications, warnings, deadlines, and tasks from the platform based on their work in the supply chain. The process compliance, monitoring, and automation tools take care of the rest as you relax this holiday season and welcome the New Year without worrying about the timely completion of critical processes.


The best part about the Timber Exchange platform is that you can do business with the exporter, importer, agent, or forwarder of your choice, globally, and not worry about language barriers. This is possible through the multilingual feature of the platform that automatically translates to the native language of your choice, making communication easier and the process more efficient.


Along with all these features of the global supply chain automation platform by the experts at Timber Exchange, do you know what else would make your holiday season all the more worthwhile? 


Yes, you guessed it right! A Christmas & New Year Special Holiday Offer!


Now, you can get a flat 30% discount on the first 3 months of use with the “TIMBER30” promo code! 


So, what are you waiting for? This offer lasts only till January 2022.


Book an onboarding session with the experts today and see for yourself how using the platform can be beneficial for your business! Contact for more information today.