Electronic Documents - Egypt
By Sharanya

Most Recent Updates to ACID and Other Electronic Documents - Egypt

May 5,2022

Digital trade has become a crucial aspect of the entire industry, rather than being just an abstract idea, thereby changing the picture of global trade, depending severely on the free cross-border movement of data. Keeping that in mind, most offline or physical documentation or transactions are being shifted to a digital or electronic version. These digital documents are to be treated like their physical counterparts in the future.

The Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade has agreed to accept import documents such as the Certificate of Origin, and the Commercial Invoice submitted either electronically or on paper. This is based on the General Authority for Export and Import Control’s approval to the Ministry of Finance officials for accepting electronic (digital) documents as the original.

The Egyptian Customs authority has also issued a circular stating that one can accept commercial invoices for imported shipments without seals whenever they are issued by the producing companies with the company’s logo and uploaded by the foreign supplier and with his knowledge through the CargoX platform, and approved by the importer.

Before this circular was issued, seals were a required field on the invoice. If the name was not mentioned in any case, then the importer was asked to bring an official letter that connects the trader with the producer.

Standing today, if the trader issues his own documents with his logo, it would also be accepted, as long as the commercial invoice mandatorily states the name of the sawmill.

For further reading on Egyptian trade rules, you can know about Egypt’s new Letter of Credit Import Regulation here -


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