Timber Exchange offers three vital offline tools in the form of cargo inspection, L/C management & remittance, and shipping document compliance & legalization to help remove bottlenecks and increase flexibility on-demand in global trade. Each of these services are provided by highly trained, trusted, and experienced experts in the field to ensure a smooth and flawless process, even at an international level. Global stakeholders can now use the modern trade finance and compliance services by Timber Exchange and outsource such burdensome and complex work to our experts at a nominal rate for ease of operations when their company is growing or when an employee is sick or on leave.


New Services Offered by Timber Exchange

  • Cargo Inspection: When we receive a request from an exporter or importer for cargo inspection, an experienced inspector is sent to the location who will check visible and physically reachable bundles. In this process, individual bundles will be randomly checked to determine the quality of the cargo overall. Once done, we will prepare a report with the quality, dimension, and moisture inspection results and submit the same within 48 hours.


  • Letter of Credit Management & Remittance: Our team consists of highly experienced and trained trade-finance professionals to manage the L/C and documentation process for your company. This service includes outsourcing the negotiation of L/C terms by nominating Centersource as an exporter and an L/C beneficiary on all documents. Once nominated, Centersource will draft and cross-check all shipping documents to ensure full compliance with the contract and L/C before submitting them to the bank. The client is asked to submit a proforma invoice, contract and other relevant information for Centersource to be able to complete the process within the stipulated time at a nominal fee.


  • Shipping Document Compliance & Legalization: The in-house compliance officer at Timber Exchange will review all shipping documents to identify potential discrepancies. The final report of the same will be provided by us within 48 hours. The officer will also visit a requested chamber or embassy for the legalization of the aforesaid documents on your behalf. The compliance officer will submit and pick up your documents from the requested institution. The turnaround depends on each institution and our nominated courier’s processing time. 

Timber Exchange is a comprehensive ecosystem that helps with the smooth-functioning of global trade. As part of our core pillars, we offer an open smart B2B marketplace that bypasses language barriers and connects to global counterparties, over 100+ advanced supply chain tools to keep track of the entire supply chain from one platform, and a constantly updated market data hub that keeps track of the recent trends in the forestry & timber industry through statistics and data. 


To get details on the trade finance and compliance services provided by Timber Exchange, get in touch with the experts and industry professionals at [email protected]