Timber Exchange is a smart supply chain automation platform for the high-trust trade community of the global forestry industry. It aims to automate the most time-consuming processes like documentation, compliance, transparency, visibility, trade, & logistics, through four core pillars:


  • Market Data Hub: Market Data Hub provides a quantitative layer that supports decision-making and gives a comprehensive overview of the monthly performance of the global timber supply chain.
  • B2B Marketplace: This pillar allows the tracking of all historic offers from a single dashboard, thereby reducing the number of email communications otherwise required for the process by a huge margin.
  • Advanced Supply Chain Tools: Advanced Supply Chain Tools automates the majority of coordination, compliance & legal processes for the counterparties.
  • Trade-Finance and Compliance Services: This pillar gives you the opportunity to outsource cargo inspection, document compliance, document drafting, and Letter of Credit management & remittance at highly competitive rates.


Timber Exchange has been a private network by invitation only where companies who applied had to go through a rigorous approval & vetting process by the membership committee consisting of industry professionals with significant experience in the field. However, Timber Exchange has taken a step forward in making the platform more inclusive.


By removing free tiers for all users (exporters, importers, and freight forwarders), Timber Exchange has become an open-to-all digital toolkit and platform. Any company will now be able to register on the platform and use the smart supply chain tools and see the global market data to complement their ERP and streamline their supply chain. 


However, if SMEs want to use the open B2B marketplace and trade with global counterparties on the platform, they have to go through the vetting process of the membership committee.


To know more about the platform, book a demo at https://www.timber.exchange/book-a-demo